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Enquiry & Booking
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VELA SMOOTH Medical Body Slimming Treatment

  • Improving cellulites, elasticity and firmness of skin
  • Improving oxygen content and circulation of blood for a better catabolism of fat
  • Accelerating lymphatic drainage to discharge waste contents


Body Slimming Treatment



Proven by clinical studies, Vela Smooth is non-invasively effective on improving cellulite and reducing excessive fat storage of body.


Bi-polar energy and infrared energy is integrated to generate heat on skin surface, as a kneading action, to achieve the performance of fat burning.


On the other hand, the massaging rollers in action enables lymphatic drainage at the same time, allowing better thermal conductivity, promoting better blood circulation and discharging unnecessary water content in body. It results that skin is more elastic and that loosen muscles tightens up and become firm again, especially aiming for the excessive fat in thighs, abdomen, and cellulite areas.


After a Vela Smooth treatment, a much satisfying body shape is contoured.

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VELA SMOOTH Medical Body Slimming Treatment
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