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Enquiry & Booking
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Enquiry & Booking
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Tripollar RF Anti-Aging Treatment

  • Improving sagging skin
  • Reducing facial fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improving dropping eyelids by tightening and also improving dark eye circles
  • Unclogging facial lymph
  • Regenerating collagen, further strengthening the support of the skin base

Tripollar RF Anti-Aging Treatment



The theory of Radio Frequency (abbreviation: RF) is to generate the Resistance Effect by the passing of electric current through the skin.  The resistance effect enables the microwave energy to penetrate deep down 6 mm or even deeper beneath the skin. 


After the cells are heated, the structure of collagen will be tightened and restructured, improving loose sagging skin.


Newly generated collagen is even more resilient, resulting in smoother and tighter skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, overall improving the skin texture.

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Tripollar RF Anti-Aging Treatment
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