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1064 Laser Whitening Treatment (5 times)

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  • Effects



  • Removing spots
  • Improving pigmentation, aging skin, or dull skin
  • Stimulating growth of collagen
  • Rejuvenating skin by reducing fine lines

1064 Laser Whitening Treatment
$666 5 times (Free 10 spot removal)



Using 1064nm wavelength and in the form of short pulse, laser is released on the skin surface, penetrating into the reticular dermis beneath the skin, thereby enhancing the growth of collagen, improving pore, oil, and pigmentation problems, removing uneven skin tone, and achieving a result of firming.


You can feel the immediate cleansing effect after as little as one treatment.


Putting on make-up instantly after treatment is fine and best of all, there is no social downtime since There is only minor redness and no coking after.

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1064 Laser Whitening Treatment (5 times)
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